Modular Dashboards
Beautiful, customized, drag & drop dashboards for your data
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Habit Dash can help you…
Track many devices

Connect data from your favorite wearables, smart devices, and services.

Build dashboards

Drag & drop from multiple data sources to design your perfect view.

Access your data

Download your data or use our API. Share views with family or caretakers.

Oura Ring
Google Fit
Your favorite services
By combining all your data sources together, Habit Dash makes it easy to see patterns and adjust your lifestyle.
We're currently in public beta - only the WHOOP Strap integration and dashboard are available at this time.
Here's how we do it
Connect to providers

We connect to your services so you don't have to constantly check up on them. All we need is your permission.

Keep data current

You can manually update your data whenever you want or we can do it for you. All your dashboards will refresh with the latest information.

Need Help Organizing All Your Data?